About Us

Every child has within him or her, a formula for effective learning and authentic success.

Children so crave success, and they thrive on it. Their developing minds yearn to experience the joy of academic mastery. Sadly, there are bright young minds whose appetite for success in school may go unsatisfied simply because they harbor often hidden brain differences that don’t match up with current academic expectations. All children have it in them to find their niches and become achievers. But for now, they are the innocent and too often misunderstood victims of their own “wiring” and they require our insight and help if they are to find their particular paths toward praiseworthy accomplishment.

Success in Mind provides parents, students, and their teachers with a lucid and practical view of the highly specific dysfunctions that are standing in the way of a child’s school success – and what to do about them.

Success in Mind uncovers children’s learning differences without oversimplifying them, lumping them into questionable categories, or applying poorly fitting, potentially stigmatizing labels. Every child is thought about as a unique person rather than an example of a mental condition. Success in Mind, most importantly, strives to “diagnose” and help cultivate a young mind’s strengths, for, in the long run what really will count in his or her life is how strong those strengths become! The result is a practical management plan that can enable students and parents to witness a flourishing mind coming into its own and savoring its intellectual triumphs.

I have devoted my career to this effort and the clinicians at Success in Mind apply the very latest knowledge and methods to help children deploy their strengths and overcome any negative effects of their differences.